Create the conditions for
successful innovation and change.

Use Leadagility if you want to build your capability to
innovate and manage the human side of business change.

In this groundbreaking book for senior executives, you’ll discover:
  • How to get the rest of your staff to follow your lead and change the way things are done (it all starts with the principle of “building the muscle”)
  • The ins-and-outs of dealing with strong emotions, high stress, and low morale that come from situational shifts and the behavioural changes that follow (you don’t want to miss these important steps!)
  • How analytical executives can survive and thrive in change situations that operate less according to logic and more according to the weird quirks of human psychology (hint: the solution is not about business strategy)
  • The hidden pitfalls of sticking to organisational change as just another project with a budget, timeline, clear presentation, and convincing set of data (your accountability process needs to measure more than just project details)

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Faculty of Education and Arts – Driving a new strategic direction

“Leadagility are my secret weapon. They’ve been the driving force behind the development of a vision and strategic plan, and helped us pin point our distinctiveness; allowing us to take innovative action to make a positive and sustainable mark on the higher education sector.”

PVC, Faculty of Education and Arts
University of Newcastle – Visit Site

Capability building – innovation and change

“Leadagility has worked with us through a merger, organization-wide initiatives down to supporting divisional and front line leaders in realizing improvements. Working together with our HR Business Partners, they
have been integral in bringing our Organisational Change Management Framework to life and building Arrium’s
capacity to innovate and change.”

HR Business Partner
Arrium – Visit Site

Defining The ALDI Academy – driving a culture of learning

“Professional, practical and delivery-focused – Leadagility drove our behaviour change initiatives to successfully deliver a nation-wide leadership program and revision of recruitment and induction systems.”

Warehouse Director
ALDI – Visit Site

Developing a new business model

“Leadagility were dynamic and responsive to our needs. After just half a day our team walked out enthused and committed to a new business model. It’s the first time I believe I’ve had real traction in the organisation to trial a new model.”

Bristol Paint and Decorate – Visit Site