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Abby Clifton is recognised as Australia’s top strategic advisor to senior executives seeking high-performance change management. For over 20 years, she has been highly sought after by executives around the world to steer their blue-chip organisations and their people into a better place.

As founder of LeadAgility, Abby draws together vision, culture, and people management to facilitate successful innovation and change. Her approach allows leaders to take a step back from the detail and refocus on values and behaviours vital in driving change and engaging staff.

Abby has worked with multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, media, finance, government, and tertiary education. She has implemented major change initiatives for Aldi, Australian Department of Defence, Nestlé, Qantas, Sky Media, and The University of Newcastle, to name a few.

Abby’s strength is connecting people, culture, and business strategy to improve performance and results. Her pragmatic approach to change combined with her wealth of knowledge about “people issues” ensure that her clients’ business initiatives will be agile and sustainable from day one.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Abby’s expertise and knowledge. Revamping an organisation can feel like one long, never-ending headache of deadlines and budgets. If you’re an analytically minded executive, it can be hard to see the ROI on handling “people issues,” especially when there is so much else already on your plate.

As an executive responsible for delivering your company strategy, you are driving a huge process made up of culture and people that affects the short- and long-term success of your company. A consultation with Abby will shed light on the direct and indirect costs associated with managing people during major organisational change.

Ignoring “people issues” only creates problems that compound over time, making each new change initiative even harder and more costly to complete. The simple truth is that many senior executives are great at managing the business aspects of change but find it much harder to navigate the “soft stuff” of the people involved.

A consultation with Abby Clifton will give you the insights and techniques you need to approach your “people issues” just as seriously and as systematically as your organisation’s technical or logistical challenges.

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