Leadagility is a change management consultancy that works with you to develop processes and build relationships to facilitate successful innovation and change in your organisation.

Our mission is to inspire change, while creating agile and sustainable businesses.

Our approach draws together the vision, culture and people management, allowing leaders to take a step back from the detail and refocus on the values and behaviours vital in driving change and engaging staff.


• We are willing to take on a challenge – we love trying new things and will hold our clients hand as we encourage them to step out of their comfort zone.

• We are not restricted by huge amounts of governance – we’re able to use our creativity and flexibility to deliver the most innovative change management solutions tailored to your business.

• We support innovation through collaboration – when you hire Leadagility we bring to the table a team of experts in Human Resources, Leadership Development, Community Management, Social Media, Communication, Innovation and Organisational Change Management.


Leadagilty’s community of experts deliver the right support and skills at the precise time your project needs it.

Abby Clifton
Founder / Organisational Change Specialist

With 15 years experience supporting fast paced corporate change, Abby’s pragmatic approach coupled with her wealth of knowledge has proven successful time and again, delivering the desired result when managing large-scale change across a variety of organisations.

Kelvyn Steggles
Executive Development / Kick-arse Facilitator

Organisations going through change need a strong vision, team consensus and a leader that can look within themselves to ensure they’re not blocking change. Kelvyn is the man who can deliver the home truths to your top team, while setting the standards for behaviour change and team leadership. Under Kelvyn’s skilled facilitation, organisations can ensure executive direction and alignment are achieved.

Mark Heath
Technology-led Innovation & Change Specialist

A seasoned corporate leader with deep experience in 500+ team transformation. Mark’s passion is to make sure your business is future fit. He believes in working with your organisation’s strengths while cultivating curiosity and innovation, building capacity to be ‘disruption’ ready. Ready to do things differently? Mark’s practical and collaborative style facilitates organisation-wide solutions – arming your people with the tools and confidence to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges!

Mary Morris
Human Resources Generalist / Leadership Development / Job Completer

Need to inject some energy and momentum into your project? Mary’s magic touch drives client-lead solutions from across all parts of the business. Capable of taking the 35,ooo foot strategic view, right down to getting the job completed on the ground, Mary just gets things done. A natural people person with a visionary mind, Mary is renowned for helping Leadagility’s clients see a better way forward.

Belinda Galbraith
Communications Strategist / Word Wizard

Want a story? Belinda will find it. It’s hard (but important) to capture the attention of your stakeholders, and often it comes down to meaningful, relevant and engaging stakeholder messaging. Belinda’s way with words takes stakeholders on a journey of change – influencing and encouraging new behaviours, ensuring they become part of the day to day business as usual.