• “Leadagility are my secret weapon. They’ve been the driving force behind the development of a vision and strategic plan, and helped us pin point our distinctiveness; allowing us to take innovative action to make a positive and sustainable mark on the higher education sector.”

    PVC, Faculty of Education and Arts – University of Newcastle

  • “Leadagility were swift and effective in meeting our need to skill our managers and supervisors in Change Management. They bought deep knowledge and experience to the design and delivery of a highly-interactive program.”


  • “Leadagility don’t just do training programs. They facilitate real change within businesses. We love working with them as their approach allows us to create the solution together.”

    Organisational Development Manager, ERM

  • “Professional, practical and delivery-focused – Leadagility drove our behaviour change initiatives to successfully deliver a nation-wide leadership program and revision of recruitment and induction systems.”

    Warehouse Director, ALDI

  • “Leadagility’s guidance allowed me to take a step back from the detail and focus on the values and behaviours vital in driving a cultural change and engaging staff. Leadagility’s visionary framework has been the key to our success.”

    Operations Manager, Perpetual

  • “Leadagility supported Senior Management from across all areas of the organisation to drive relevant changes to their respective departments. We went to market “on-time” with our employees having the knowledge, skill and systems to liaise with our customers effectively.”

    Former General Manager Interactive TV, Austar

  • “With Leadagility’s guidance I have reconnected with the vision and goals of my business. The work on my leadership skills has allowed me to be “the leader”, and equipped me to develop and empower my team to perform day-to-day activities.”

    General Manager, Signwave

  • “Leadagility were dynamic and responsive to our needs. After just half a day our team walked out enthused and committed to a new business model. It’s the first time I believe I’ve had real traction in the organisation to trial a new model.”

    Director, Bristol Paint and Decorate

  • “Leadagility has worked with us through a merger, organization-wide initiatives down to supporting divisional and front line leaders in realizing improvements. Working together with our HR Business Partners, they have been integral in bringing our Organisational Change Management Framework to life and building Arrium’s capacity to innovate and change.”

    HR Business Partner, Arrium

  • “Leadagility helped us to ensure that we had a framework for our people being ready, not just our business being ready, as we moved towards becoming a corporation.”

    Former CEO, NSW Businesslink Pty Ltd

  • “Thanks to Leadagility we had minimal down-time when moving to our new facility. We can also credit Leadagility with breaking down the culture divide across squadrons and greater staff acceptance of the change.”

    The Department of Defence

  • “Leadagility were vital in supporting the business to achieve significant targeted sales growth. The outcome of our work with Leadagility is an effectively operating top team, who I can now confidently delegate the operational components of my business to.”

    MD, Markitforce

  • “The coaching delivered by Leadagilty to HR Managers in this 10,000-large, UK Media Giant, resulted in cost savings of up to 10% across Internal Communications, Recruitment and HR Administration functions.”

    Partner, Arthur Andersen – BSkyB Engagement

  • “Leadagility’s high levels of enthusiasm and constant push towards outcomes ensured that I accomplished my business objectives: increase of sales by 5%. The initiative-focused coaching series gave me space outside of the work environment to think big picture and creatively solve challenges that I was presented with.”

    National Sales Manager, Nestle